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Your research, built upon countless hours, resources and expenses, deserves only the best when it comes to slide storage, organization and retrieval.


Since 1996, Research Presentation Strategies has led the industry by providing unique, highly innovative solutions for corporate presentation development and management.

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A custom SharePoint portal ideal for those preparing for high-profile, data-driven events such as FDA advisory committee meetings, investigator meetings and corporate or investor updates.
Our customized slide portals are used by the regulatory and clinical teams of many of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. These turnkey solutions are built on the powerful Microsoft SharePoint platform and are hosted on our secure servers. In addition to SlideSource SP, which facilitates collaboration around presentation content, these portals also include proprietary tools for tracking key messages and work requests.
A cloud-based solution for individuals and groups in any industry that need to quickly access their PowerPoint slides and invite others to use them.
In working with clients using our customized portals, we found that there was a need for individuals and smaller teams to have access to the core slide management capabilities offered by SlideSource SP without the additional tools that are specific to larger teams and events. Out of that need came – a simple, cost-effective way to share, collaborate and store all of your presentation content.

RPS SharePoint Portal Tools

Every RPS SharePoint portal includes the full suite of RPS proprietary presentation management tools,
created specifically to improve communication and collaboration around your presentation content.
Develop and Organize Key Messages
Build and Manage PowerPoint Slides and Presentations
Take Control of the Slide Development Process
Access Slides and Presentations Offline
Your messages are valuable assets. Why use a spreadsheet when mTrac enables your entire team to collaborate around your messaging, and track the issues, questions, responses, and supporting data associated with those messages.
Identify challenges/issues associated with your messages
Assign ownership to issues, questions and responses
Reframe issues as questions that can be categorized and browsed
Link to data slide(s) to support issues, questions and responses
Export mTrac content to multiple formats


For years, regulatory, clinical and medical affairs teams have used SlideSource from RPS to effectively manage their presentation content. SlideSource SP is the only slide and presentation management tool designed specifically for the SharePoint environment.
A powerful slide organizational tool
Intuitive and easy to learn
Offline edit mode syncs slide changes back to the library
Edit slides in PowerPoint right from the library
Track metadata including quality and version control
Whether you are creating scientific graphics internally or using an outside service like RPS, WorkFlo brings efficiency and order to an often unruly process.
Send work requests to your internal or external graphics team
View the status of each request in real time
Filter requests by requestor, date requested, and other parameters
Track QC status
Receive email alerts when requests are initiated and completed


Launched in 2010, eBinder was the first completely paperless solution for organizing and retrieving data slides and presentations offline and in real time. eBinder 3.3 is the latest generation of this remarkable tool that quickly synchronizes to your RPS SharePoint portal and brings your entire presentation library content to your desktop. Show a presentation, then immediately access any one of your backup slides using simple intuitive navigation or keywords.
Remote access to all approved slides and presentations
View talking points along with individual slides
Presenter mode for full screen display of individual slides and presentations
Favorites and slide usage reports
A green solution for your large slide and presentation libraries

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